FM3 update tool

After over eleven years of development Magnic is happy to release the update tool for businesses of different sizes: The FM 3
Magnic Oy has been providing Internet related solutions since the company was founded in the year 2000. Magnic has its own development team that has specialized in Linux servers and PHP and MySQL.

As good web design needs good pictures Magnic also aquired a photo studio in 2009 to meet the growing need. At present, pictures of personnel, products, and references have been a popular choice by customers.

The customer base consists mostly of small and medium sized companies, but also of many non profit organisations, personal customers, enterprises, cities and even foreign states.


Space sähköpostiohjeet

Saapuvan postin asetukset (IMAP / POP) palvelin: POP portti 110 (+ starttls / tls) tai IMAP portti 143 ( + starttls / tls) tai POP portti 995 (+SSL) tai IMAP portti 993 (+SSL) käyttäjänim...

Uudet sähköpostiohjeet

Flow-palvelimen käyttäjillä on uusi webmail (lomavastaaja ja salasanan vaihto mahdollinen. Kirjaudu vanhalla tunnuksella jos haluat tehdä asetuksia) osoitteessa Nyt kaikki voivat käyttää sähköpostiosoite...

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